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Poland Guide

Visiting Poland – Information for travelers as well as those interested in the fascinating culture – your perfect online guide to Poland

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Getting to Know Poland

Poland is roughly the size of the state of New Mexico, but the possibilities for fun while exploring this fascinating country are abundant. Some people may associate the country to the hardships during the Second World War, but there’s so much more to experience in Poland than the memories that most would rather not think about.

Pack your bags and see for yourself the indestructible spirit that makes the people of Poland bounce back repeatedly from various obstacles they faced in the past.

Poland’s Location

Poland is located in Central Europe, and has the following countries for neighbors: Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania on the east side; Germany on the west; Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south.

The northern part of Poland is embraced by the Baltic Sea and a Russian federal subject – Kaliningrad Oblast. Poland is accessible from most European nations by train, boat or bus; those who are coming from places farther away can get to the country by air travel – just make sure that you have the necessary travel documents to be granted access to Poland.

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